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Apartment Rainbow Bucharest
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Rainbow Bucharest Apartments

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments fully furnished kitchens with refrigerators, laundry machine, coffee machine, plates and utensils, range with oven and microwave

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments air conditioning

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments free high speed internet 24h

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments TV with satellite cable and international programs

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments hot water

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments elevator

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments telephone with free local calls in the Bucharest area

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments reinforced front door

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments intercom system


10 reasons to visit Bucharest

bucuresti because it is called Little Paris
bucuresti for Romanian cuisine
bucuresti for Romanian folk culture and Village Museum
bucuresti for the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon
bucuresti for the clubs, bars and hot night life
bucuresti for the business opportunities
bucuresti for gardens, parks and museums
bucuresti for shopping in some huge shopping centers
bucuresti for exhibitions and events
bucuresti just because you haven’t visited it till now

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments
The most attractive points of interest around our apartments are:

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Romana Square
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Amzei Square
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Victory Bulevard

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Pasajul Victoriei
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Magheru and Balcescu Blv
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments University Square

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Historyc area
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Cismigiu Garden
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Parcul Herastrau
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Village Museum
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Triumph Arch
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Around Bucharest

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments
Quick guide for a foreign tourist in Bucharest

bucuresti Do not change money on the street with unknown persons. It is illegal and dangerous. We advice you to use the banks and non stop exchange ATM you can find everywhere in the city centre. Besides University Square, very close from the Orange, Green, Lila, Blue or Red apartments there is an non-stop exchange office.

bucuresti Do not give your papers, money or other personal property to any person on the street except police officers with uniform and badge.

bucuresti Although it is a very safe city (more secure than many other European capitals), be very careful with your pockets, money and other personal goods. Do not pay attention to baggers even if they are children or very old people and do not walk in darkness alone.

bucuresti In Romania and Bucharest are prohibited by law the following: prostitution, sale and consumption of drugs of any class (from the light up to the high-risk), port and trading of firearms and / or weapons, car driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages (not permitted, not even a beer or a glass of wine).

bucuresti In case of emergency call with confidence to universal service 112 or go to any police officer with uniform or call our representatives on the emergency phone: 0040753010323.

bucuresti In the apartments and common spaces must be complied with the following rules:

    - Periods of quiet / silence: 20:00 - 09:00 and 13:00 - 15:00;
    - Keep cleaning inside the apartment and common spaces: stairways, elevators and halls, interior courtyards and gardens;
    - Use the elevator according to instructions, otherwise you expose to the risk of stay blocked between floors;
    - Do not open the door to persons unknown;
    - Keep the door locked.

bucuresti Public transport and taxi: in Bucharest you can use subway, bus, minibus or tram and you need to buy tickets from the special places in central stations. You can also use the taxi calling for free from your apartment or directly from a station. Attention, use only branded cars and ask the driver to start the counting machine.

bucuresti Tape water in the apartment: we advise you to use tape water for laundry and food, tea or coffee. For drinking we recommend to use bottled water.

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