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Rainbow Bucharest Apartments

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments fully furnished kitchens with refrigerators, laundry machine, coffee machine, plates and utensils, range with oven and microwave

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments air conditioning

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments free high speed internet 24h

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments TV with satellite cable and international programs

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments hot water

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments elevator

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments telephone with free local calls in the Bucharest area

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments reinforced front door

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments intercom system


Rainbow Bucharest Apartments back

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments
Romana Square
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Amzei Square
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Victory Bulevard

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Pasajul Victoriei
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Magheru and Balcescu Blv
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments University Square

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Historyc area
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Cismigiu Garden
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Parcul Herastrau
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Village Museum
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Triumph Arch
Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Around Bucharest

The most atractive points of interest around our appartments are

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Romana Square: here you find the hottest clubs in Romania and even Europe like The Office, Planters, The Rooms, Down Town, exclusive restaurants and boutiques and also being an important point of public transport. There are also the British Council, The Academy of Economic Studies, Lahovary Square and Icoanei Garden. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Amezei Market:  is one of the most attractive open farmers markets for fresh fruits and vegetables known in Bucharest. Also famous for the most beautiful flowers you can buy around the city. Here, you find also supermarkets open 24 h / 7 days. Walking around, you can stop and admire the old Synagogue building closed during the communist regime or go to see a movie at Studio Cinema.(up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Calea Victorie: (Victory Boulevard) In a short 40 min. walk along Calea Victoriei you can admire the display of beautiful buildings from the beginning of 20st century, and you’ll going to understand why they call Bucharest the Little Paris. The most famous place is The Royal Palace where in 1989 the anti-communist Revolution in Romania started. The bullet marks you can notice on some buildings walls make you feel the rumor of those days. Today The Royal Palace hosts The National Art Museum. Another crown jewel of Romanian history and architectural beauty is The Romanian Atheneum, place for concerts and artistic events. In the neighborhood you have Hilton Hotel and The University’s National Library.(up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Pasajul Victoriei: A few blocks away you find yourself walking through the most beautiful and bohemian gate of the historical city. Known as Pasajul Victoriei where you can indulge yourself with a cup of coffee or tea or smoking Egyptian water pipe. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments If you’re looking for a shopping spree you got the best designers boutiques, jewelry, cosmetics, art and book stores along Magheru and Balcescu Boulevard, two of the most attractive of Bucharest. Also you can see a movie at the famous cinemas Patria and Scala and do not forget to stop for a quiet moment at the beautiful Italian Church. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments University Square is Km Zero of Bucharest, being the most well known place of all Romanians. The Cross raised in the memory of those who participated and died during the anti-communist Revolution and the European Union Clock are surrounded by the beautiful University of Bucharest building, The National Theatre, The Architectural School and Intercontinental Hotel. This is also the intersection point of the main roads which connect the city of Bucharest with the world: A1 (Bucharest – Pitesti), A2 (Bucharest - Constanta), DN 1 (Bucharest – Brasov), Dn 5 (Bucharest – Giurgiu), E 85 (Bucharest – Iasi)(up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Historyc area must be one of the places you don’t have to miss during your visit in Bucharest. It lies between University Square, Unirii Square and Calea Victoriei (Victory Bvd.). The most important points of interest are Stravropoleus Monastry, the old restaurant Carul cu Bere, Hanul lui Manuc (known as a caravanserai), the glass blowers court, the artists court or Dracula’s palace ruins. The area is full of antique shops, restaurants, coffee places and Romanian souvenir stores. Crossing over the Dambovita River, you can find the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon, the Parliament Palace or you can go shopping in one of the best places in town: Unirea Shopping Center. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Cismigiu Garden: The city of Bucharest has lots of parks and gardens such as Cismigiu Garden, Botanical Garden, Carol Park and Herastau Park where you can relax, play tennis and football or boating. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Parcul Herastrau este cel mai mare din Bucuresti. El gazduieste diverse expozitii florale si adaposteste cafenele si restaurnate dar si terenuri de tenis sau footbool. Pe timpul verii este cel mai fierbinte loc din Bucuresti. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Village Museum is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in town because the display of folk architectural houses drawn from around Romania. It hosts over 300 peasants homes, barns, wooden churches and a lot of folk and traditional events around the year. (up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments The Triumph Arch is similar to the one in Paris and it could be seen on your way from the airport, nearby Herastrau Park.(up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments Around Bucharest you can find some very beautiful places full with history as The Mogosoaia Palace, Cernica or Snagov Monastery. If you stay longer and want visit them you need a car and a map or a guide.(up)

Rainbow Bucharest Apartments
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